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Soft Carpet Information


No matter the vacuum or attachment, you will never be able to deep clean soft carpet.

The facts are these:

  1. Soft Carpet fibers are thicker and denser than standard carpets. this is what gives it the softness it is known for.
  2. In order to push a vacuum across this extra thick carpet, you must either limit the amount of suction or raise the height of the power head (and often, both).
  3. The amount of suction reduction and/or height adjustment required to move the vacuum renders the vacuum completely inefficient.
  4. By not limiting the suction and/or raising the height, the vacuum can lock onto fibers or remain stationary too long. This is causing standard vacuums to burn and ruin customers newly installed Soft Carpet.
  5. Dust, debris, pet dander and other allergens settle at the base of the carpet fibers. By not powerfully vacuuming your carpeting, it will eventually effect the health of your family.

It is important to consider this when making your choice in carpets. Our sales staff always recommend that when borrowing samples to not only consider the style and colour but to also its versatility when it comes to cleaning. It is recommended that you try your own home vacuum on any samples you take home to see if your vacuum in suitable for  soft carpet.

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